Rombald Innovations - M-Files system

Our M-Files system is a document storage facility that is based on an SQL database system. Project documents are organized according to date, version, and category including customer, location, engineering drawings, architectural drawings, site audits, inspections, photos, meetings, correspondence and shop drawings to name just a few.

Documents are saved in a meta-file storage system and are categorized according to at least 8 functional descriptors. We have customized the system to track deliverables, meetings, assignments, etc. as shown on the calendar. The M-Files system will update the owner of the deliverables by sending automatic email reminders.

Our document review process is largely paperless owing to the ability to do drawing review and markup notes on the electronic forms of drawings. We have an implementation of our an accounting system that is tied to the M-Files database to produce quotations, create purchase orders, generate invoices and track and bill for employee time. Our collaboration area allows paperless design coordination of projects on a large screen LCD monitor. Our project calendar is also displayed on multi-media screens in the production area to provide a quick snapshot of the progress of any project at any time. Our designers fully utilize the open nature of the production area for ease of discussion and idea transfer.

M-Files System calendar screen shot