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The people at Rombald dedicate themselves to striving for higher standards and continuous improvement both personally and professionally.

We employ design professionals who utilize CAD tools for design development.

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Rombald Inc. The People


Employee Name   Position Ext.   Employee Name   Position Ext.
Roy Ojala Read his Bio

Download his Resume
CEO 111   Lyndsey McCallum   Designer 154
Chris Blazek Download his Resume General Manager 112   Ruza Maklenov   Designer 152
Marcin Krzeminski Read his Bio Designer 114   Tobias Nieminen Download his Resume Mechanical Engineer 151
Adam Taylor Read his Bio Designer 115   Valerie Huszarik Read her Bio Admin/Accounting  
Mike Taylor Read his Bio Designer 116   Cheryl Nyusa   Administration 117
Derek Sargent Read his Bio Electrical Engineer in Training 118   Ashley Horn Read her Bio Admin/Accounting